Our mission is to empower high school girls with life skills gained through a virtual cross-cultural exchange that utilizes and instills the principles of running. Our end goal is to provide girls the path to realize their full and unique potential.

  1. We have partnered with schools across the world to create a virtual classroom.
  2. We prepare girls to run the world by teaching them how to set goals, overcome challenges, develop grit, and get results.
  3. Training together to run a half marathon is the first step.
  4. Once they cross the finish line, they exercise all they have learned on local projects approved by their business mentor.

Culture Relay has double meaning: First, it provides a platform to relay culture and health/fitness information between team members and second, it is a relay race where participants finish a race by handing off a baton from girl to girl and from country to country.

Count down to the New York Marathon:


We’ve raised over $34,000 in
previous New York City Marathons!

There are four spaces left on this year’s New York Marathon team.